A big life change

I’ll be posting more frequently now, because my last day of work at UGA was March 31.  Including my graduate work (I received my MS in Zoology from UGA) I’ve spent most of my waking hours since the summer of ’82 on the Athens campus.  “With mixed feelings” is a cliche, but it definitely applies to my retirement from UGA.  My last 14 years were spent in Enterprise Information Technology Services, managing a team of system administrators with 24×7 responsibility for computer systems used by a client base of over 40k people, so I’m happy to step away from that stress, but I will miss being a part of the campus community.

Major changes like this deserve some deliberation, so I’ve spent the first two days of my “encore career” clearing out UGA related project lists and thinking about the future, or at least the next few months.  I’ve got a lot of jewelry in progress that I need to catch up on, and I need to improve my studio bookeeping, but after that I’ll get back into the studio for more lampwork and fusing.  My first attempts at layering colors and textured dichroics have resulted in beautiful jewelry (pictures soon), so I’m eager to try some additional combinations.