Finally settling in to work

“Good intentions are not enough. They’ve never put an onion in the soup yet.” Sonya Levien

My apologies for not blogging sooner–as my previous post indicates, I had the best of intentions, but that wasn’t enough. My plan was to spend more time on my artwork, but I’ve been distracted by yard and house work (and interviewing roofers).  And (no apologies for this) I’ve spent seven days in April and May fly fishing. I’ve reported some of that activity in my general blog.  Since the beginning of May I’ve spent more in the studio, and now have some progress to report.


I’ve been building up an inventory of red and black pieces in preparation for football season (UGA colors are red and black, and our mascot is an English Bulldog).  The dog bones and pawprints are made by arranging the appropriate colors of medium Bullseye frit into ceramic molds and firing them on a full fuse schedule (about 8 hours, not including cooling from 700F to room temp).  They’ve been well received so far–I actually need to order more frit.  I think for the next round I’m going to try fine (instead of medium) black on the pawprints for better definition.

In addition to the red and black pieces I’ve done three runs of textured and plain dichroics layered with colors.  I’ve done this different ways, in one case stacking individual pieces to be used directly after fusing, and in other cases building larger part sheets that I then cut up into various shapes and sizes.  Those pieces are then ground lightly with a 220 grit diamond pad and fired again to fire polish. (I added the grinding step after having some problems with devitrification with multiple firings.) Here are some examples:

I’ve also done more lampwork in the last week or two, more on that in another post.